Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Our Walkathon Winners

Check this out!   Pyper and Charlotte won spot prizes from participating in the walkathon.  Charlotte also won a $50 Plaza voucher for being in the top 8 fund raisers.  Woo hoo!

Super Learners

Mailla and Bradie have been super busy at Reading time.  Here they are having fun while working at the Writers' Workshop. 

Our New Friends

Meet our new friends HARRY and CAMERON.  Here they are busy reading a big book wearing our Harry Potter glasses!  Welcome to LC 4 boys!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Ki O Rahi

As part of our Maori inquiry we have been learning a traditional Maori game.

So much fun! Team work and new skills!

Home Learning Fun!!

Hi Home Helpers!

Here is a link that helps give your child the ability to practice and learn just about anything at home at thier own pace. They can pause, review and listen to lessons as many times as they need, as well as practice until they feel comfortable with a concept.

This site is useful for any age learner and is free.

Great to keep up thier skills during family holidays too!

Have fun!

khan academy